• Neem Bark

    Entyce Eye Drops contains extract of Neem bark which has a broad spectrum of powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral Properties. Neem bark extract exerts astringent and anti-allergic actions.

  • tulsi (2)

    Tulsi Leaf

    Tulsi Leaves in Entyce Eye Drops is a major pain relieving agent and is a potent antibacterial comprising of antiviral properties.

  • Bhringaraj Leaf

    Bhringaraj Leaves extract in Entyce Eye Drops is a local analgesic and antiphlogistic agent. It helps in absorbing the bacterial toxins and is used as an anti-allergic agent.

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    Punarnava Root

    Punarnava is a reputed anti-inflammatory agent. In olden days, the juice of this plant was used to remove lens opacity.

  • Triphala

    Triphala extract is effective to cure various eye disorders and is also used to improve eyesight. It is also a powerful astringent and antibacterial agent that treats severe eye problems.

  • cde77-daruhaldi-berberis_aristata

    Daru Haridra Root

    Daru Haridra is a powerful antiseptic, antipruritic and local analgesic agent. It is widely employed in eye drops to remove infections, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is an essential ingredient in many of the eye formulations in Indian system of medicine. It contains Berberine as an active principle with Anti-inflammatory activity hence helpful in conjunctivitis etc.

  • Yastimadhu Root

    Yashtimadhu Root has Chakshushya property that exhibits Antimicrobial Activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria thus it is useful in infective conditions of eyes.

  • s3

    Peppermint Crystal

    Peppermint Crystal gives a cooling effect to the eyes and relieves any burning sensation or irritation in the eye and also helps to soothe dryness of the eyes.

  • Kapoor Crystal

    Kapoor Crystal enhances the eye sight and provides antipruritic analgesic cooling and refreshing properties.

  • rose-flower-500x500

    Gulab Flower

    Gulab water in Entyce Eye Drops is a cooling refreshing and astringent agent and pacifies burning of eyes and thus soothes them.

Entyce Eye Drops Endear to eyes and Endangers to Eye Pathogens. Entyce Eye drops ensures a happy living through a healthy Vision.

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