Everyone will agree on the opinion that daily bath is essential for our body. It cleanses the dirt, bad odour of our body, removes dead cells shedding away every day, makes us charged, fresh and keeps us away from diseases specially skin diseases.

But like the whole body, do we know that our eyes also need regular bath? Surprised? But it is true! The prevalent uncontrolled air pollution, daily intimate contact with digitalised world like television, computer, smartphone, tablets etc., long drive habits specially in the night, increased construction work releasing huge amounts of particulate matters in the air, remaining awake at night studying or night duties are some examples of causes where this sensory organ called eyes get used inevitably. Unknowing to the impacts these all causes exert over the eyes, we keep on utilizing them. Hence later on, our eyes fatigue, fill with dirt, burn a lot, give a feeling of probing inside. This is the time when we should bathe them like our body and make them a fresh feel instead neglecting and continuing the forceful use.

Keeping in mind the necessity of eyebath, we, Jiwadaya Healthcare have formulated “EntYcE eye drop.” It contains Neem, tusli, Bhringaraj, Punarnava, Yashtimadhu, Daruharidra, Kapoor, Rose Flower etc. all of which are very beneficial for the eyes. It is coolant to eyes. It abolishes fatigue, rejuvenates, and enhances visual function, releases inflammation by reducing infection, soothes and calms the eyes. Regular use of EntYcE makes the eyes fit to withstand the impacts of above said factors and keeps it fresh throughout life!

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