Entyce is a soothing, cooling and relaxing eye drop prepared with natural herbs giving a refreshing feeling after application. Being natural it can be used as often as required to keeps eyes de-strained, relaxed & refreshed.

Entyce eye drops when applied stimulate the lachrymal glands leading to natural flow of tears rapidly flowing out of the eyes. These natural tears provide essential cleansing to the eyes. Further, this action takes place within 15-20 seconds after application thereby providing immediate relief from any feeling of irritation, heaviness or dryness in the eyes.

Entyce soothes tired and fatigued of eyes, brings a sparkle to the eyes, make them look stunning and healthy; provide cooling effect to the eyes & help to calm nerve endings. Thus it has cooling and antiseptic property. Glycerin present in Entyce act as a lubricant prevents dryness and also reduces increased pressure in the eyes.

Entyce eye drops keeps the doshas as described above in balance, by ensuring that the eyes remain moist, clean, bright, and healthy so that they can perform their function of creating sharp images (vision) and accurate perception of whatever they are focused on effectively.

Entyce eye drops nourishes the tissues of the eye which don’t have direct blood supply like the lens and cornea (lens receives its nutrients from the aqueous humor and cornea receives its nutrients from the aqueous humor and tear film) Thus by providing nourishment, Entyce eye drop rejuvenates the eye and eyesight.

Entyce eye drops is suitable for all age groups & also for prolonged use. Also, it is absolutely reliable daily application keeps eye clean, healthy. There are some allopathic ophthalmic preparations, which can either control the infection or inflammation. But none has got a dual action. Again, some of them are irritants and produce sensitization reactions. But “Entyce eye drops” of Jiwadaya is an ideal ophthalmic preparation with dual actions as desired.

The process of healing and restores normal condition.


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