The ease of the application and use of Entyce has allowed many users to treat their eye problems. As it is applied directly on the affected area, it shows immediate action and allows to soothe dry eyes, itchiness and is effective to treat ailments of the eye.

Entyce eye drops comprises of pharmacological properties which alleviates kapha and clears cloudy vision.

It is formulated with herbal ingredients that are beneficial for the eyes. It is completely formulated with traditional ayurvedic approach with a blend of modern technology for the manufacturing of the medicine.

Neem Bark and Tulsi leaf present in the eye drops decrease the infection and acts against germs and fungus. It also soothes the eyes and reduces stress.

Triphala builds up the ocular strength of the eyes and especially helps one suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Bhringaraj present in Entyce acts as a rejuvenator and is helpful for people suffering from night blindness.

Yashtimadhu augments the visual function and helps to treat allergic conjunctivitis.

Entyce eye drop is a blend of these herbs. It also contains Daruharidra, which is helpful for eye diseases like conjunctivitis.

  1. Entyce is an entirely herbal eye drop, hence is totally safe for use and has no adverse effects.
  2. It makes use of the powerful anti-microbial action and also includes anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-allergic properties.
  3. It is anti-pruritic and gives a cooling and refreshing feel to the eyes.
  4. It also helps during sensitivity and helps the ye muscles to stay strong and healthy.
  5. Ideal and advisable for extended use.
  6. Infuses eye to improve dry eye affections.
  7. Helps fight infection, inflammation and itching sensation instantly.
  8. Is a cooling collyrium, with refreshing, cleansing clearing and curing properties.

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